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Greenline Yacht Interiors is a name synonymous with ultra-luxurious and high quality yacht interiors. A development of the UAE-based Greenline Interiors, the company draws on forty years of experience in the design, manufacturing and contracting interior outfitting with its headquarters based in Dubai, a factory in Hamburg and an office in London.

With over 500 experienced craftsmen and artisans who have been specially trained in all methods of interior manufacturing and finishing, supported by a high-tech engineering department and dedicated management team, Greenline Yacht Interiors turns the most creative yacht design perspectives into reality.



Design Development

At Greenline Yacht Interiors, we pride ourselves on providing expert design development support to world-renowned designers. Our engineering team is the strength of the design development process, providing thorough and detailed drawings that allows the production process to flow smoothly. The result is the delivery of detailed drawings, from “concept design” to “as built”.

Manufacturing & Installation

With our 280,000 sq. ft. state of the art factory in Dubai, GLYI boasts a purpose built facility that improves its capacity to handle the biggest volume of super yachts available on the market today for mega yachts, super yachts and giga yachts. The factories combine the latest in state of the art technology while still maintaining traditional craftsmanship and hand skills. The new headquarters is the largest factory for luxury super yacht interiors in the world and surpasses all yacht interior factories around the globe, in terms of size, manpower and the resulting potential output.

Survey & Refit

Supported by a strong Engineering Department, the factory of Greenline Yacht Interiors can be the ideal facility for a Yacht Project in which customization and extreme intricacy combines with a large volume of outfitting surface to the highest quality of workmanship.



Shipyard: Blohm + Voss 

Interiors: Terence Disdale Design

M.Y. Eclipse / 163m

M.Y. A / 119m

Shipyard: Blohm + Voss 

Interiors: Philippe Starck

M.Y. Lady Kathryn V / 65m

Shipyard: Lürssen

Interiors: Adam Lay Designs

M.Y. Yas / 141m

Shipyard: Abu Dhabi Mar

Interiors: Pierrejean Design Studio

S.Y. Perseus III / 60m

Shipyard: Perini Navi

Interiors: Perini Navi

S.Y. Samurai / 45m

Shipyard: Royal Huisman

Interiors: Rhoades Young Design

M.Y. Falcon / 50m

Shipyard: Trinity Yachts 

Interiors: Karen Lynn Interiors

M.Y. Reem 1 / 50m

Shipyard: Trinity Yachts 

Interiors: Karen Lynn Interiors

RFF 135 / 41m

Shipyard: Öregrundsvarvet

Interiors: Porsche Design

M.Y. Explorer / 60m

Shipyard: Newcastle Shipyards

Interiors: Andrew Winch Designs

M.Y. Martha Ann / 70m

Shipyard: Lürssen

Interiors: Francois Zuretti

M.Y. St. Nicolas / 70m

Shipyard: Lürssen

Interiors: Francois Zuretti

M.Y. Integrity Series / 55 ft

Shipyard: Riviera

Interiors: Riviera/Greenline

M.Y. Integrity Series / 93 ft

Shipyard: Riviera

Interiors: Cyrille Bieri Design

M.Y. Ocean 7 / 54m

Shipyard: Refit

Interiors: Cyrille Bieri Design

JV74 Series

Shipyard: PCT

Interiors: Adriana Monk

The Floating Seahorse

Developer: The Heart of Europe

M.Y. Illusion / 90m

Shipyard: PCT

Interiors: Adriana Monk


Year Established


Projects Completed



280k sq.ft.

Factory Space

Developer: The Heart of Europe

Shipyard: Pride Mega Yachts

Interiors: Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design in cooperation with Pride Mega Yachts interior department





For any inquiries, questions or just to get in touch,

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For Greenline Interiors, please visit:


Jebel Ali, P.O. Box 262566,

Dubai, U.A.E.

Tel: +971 4 8862244

Fax: +971 4 8862255


To apply for a job with Greenline Yacht Interiors, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Inquiries: +971 4 8862244


YACHT 1 - 80m+

YACHT 2 - 70m+ 

YACHT 3 - 70m+  

Refits - 30 - 50m+

135' Catamaran Series 

JV 74 Series Sailing Yacht

Floating Villas

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